‘4550’, From The Series Plastic Bags, 2014 © Wolfram Hahn

Solo Exhibition


Wolfram Hahn

Opening: Friday, March 10, 2017, 19h
Exhibition: March 11 – June 3, 2017
Opening hours: Fri & Sat 13-18h, and by appointment
(Easter: also open on Good Friday, April 14th)
Extended opening hours for Gallery Weekend Berlin 2017 (April 28 – 30):
Fri 13-21h, Sat & Sun 11-19h
Admission free


The photo series Draussen [Outside] by Berlin photo artist Wolfram Hahn shows the multiform variations of an omnipresent object: the plain, monochrome shopping bag. Collected by the photographer on countless wanderings through Berlin’s urban landscape, the depicted plastic bags open up a microcosm that we usually pay no attention to, although it unfolds before our very eyes. Standardised bags – exposed to the effects of weather, traffic, and environment – evolve into individual entities, exhibiting an impressive wealth of forms and a surprising aesthetics.

Hahn’s way of staging the bags in his pictures is a reference to the scientific display of animal and plant species against a white background. Thereby Hahn takes an approach that is, in a metaphorical sense, archaeological. Like a naturalist, he explores the inconspicuous strata of his urban environment and finds eloquent evidence of the forces at work within it. Under the influences of the environment, the material experiences a “potential explosion of every form”, reflecting “the dynamics of the living”, as the French philosopher Catherine Malabou has aptly put it in her accompanying text for the catalogue to Hahn’s photo series (Draussen Dehors Outside, published by Vexer Verlag in 2015).

For the exhibition at the Baeckerei, Hahn has selected ten large-sized colour prints from the one hundred images that form his series of 2014. The hanging, responsive to the spatial conditions of the Baeckerei, and the concise photographic representation of the bags make for a concentrated viewing atmosphere.

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