Atelier Für Photographie | »New Generation Photographer / JAPAN+FRANCE«, Invitation

Group Exhibition

»New Generation Photographer / JAPAN+FRANCE«

Yuki Aoyama, Manon Giacone, Kazunori Okude, Takeshi Sumi

Opening: Saturday, March 25, 2017, 19h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: March 26 – April 15, 2017

Opening hours: Thu-Sat 14-18h
Admission free


New Generation Photographer / JAPAN+FRANCE“ planned by the Japanese publishing company LibroArte, will be held at Atelier für Photographie.

LibroArte, based in Tokyo, publishes the photobook of primarily young photographers. The company endeavors to bring the photographic works of Japanese photographers to the world through publications and photograph exhibitions.

This photography exhibition presents the works of four photographers that LibroArte has particularly focused on:

Yuki Aoyama began photographing SCHOOLGIRL COMPLEX in 2006. The photographs are multifaceted expressions of the transience and perils of adolescence. SCHOOLGIRL COMPLEX „takes a penetrating look with faint longing at the motif of the high school girl as symbolic existence, giving birth to a package of various fantasies and fetishisms (that arise from the complexes of adolescence).

Kazunori Okude continues to take pictures of his sister. He was reunited with his sister for the first time in five years after she graduated and went on to university. Okude focused his camera on his sister in the effort to recover those lost five years. Seen from the viewfinder his sister is endearing, and Okude says that before he was aware of it „I think I must have fallen in love with her.“

Takeshi Sumi is a Japanese photographer who works based in Paris, France. With the concept of approaching the photograph itself as a record of stationary time, Sumi began in 2010 to take photographs using a technique of letting sunlight pass through the picture by putting a tiny hole in the print with an insect mounting pin. In recent years he also uses a cutter to cut many slits in the print itself, exploring possibilities of photographic expression that depart from conventional photography.

Manon Giacone studied art history in high school and contemporary art and photography at Paris 8 University in Saint-Denis. She has held exhibitions in Paris and many other places in Europe. Giacone is the most high profile young photographer in France.

We are grateful for the opportunity to explore with the citizens of Berlin the hopes for the future and the challenges faced by a new generation of photographers that these four photographers show us. We believe the photographic works will empower all of us as we move forward.

Libro Arte., Inc.

Yoshihiro Ikka

Current exhibition (until March 23, 2017):
Martin von den Driesch »Crossing Frontiers: North Korea’s Great Unknown«

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