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LEROUGE Models 135 L, 612


Our analogue LEROUGE pinhole cameras open the doors of a unique and exciting photographic world in which you can express your creativity and individuality. Each image is completely unique and offers the chance to experience photographic image making at a more relaxed pace than other formats.

Using a LEROUGE pinhole camera requires little technical knowledge, with no optics (laser drilled pinhole), no focusing and only one exposure setting: things do not get much simpler.

Each camera is hand-made in a small workshop. We have a strict quality control at all stages of manufacture resulting in a quality crafted object that is simple, elegant, functional and suitable for beginners to professionals alike.
Available are 5 models in different colors.

Discover analogue photography:
MK Panorama Systeme, Germany
Lerchenweg 21a – 21224 Rosengarten
www.marc-kairies.de – ed.se1566373694iriak1566373694-cram1566373694@ofni1566373694 – phone: +49 (0) 177 – 40 66 171

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