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»More Cars, Clothes And Cabbages« © Torsten Schumann. Published By Peperoni Books, 2016

Book Launch + Solo Exhibition

»More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages«

Torsten Schumann

Book Launch & Opening: Friday, September 16, 2016, 19h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: September 17 – October 12, 2016
Opening hours: Wed, Fri & Sat 14-19h
Free admission


Hannes Wanderer @ Peperoni Books:
“The ludicrous story about a black dot and a passport control that starts the book already says a lot about Torsten Schumann and his view of the world.
His images even say more. Namely, that life in the so called civilized world is full of curiosities. Schumann photographs on the street, nothing special actually. And yet we see in his book the sinking of the Titanic, a woman who disappears under a magic hat, a sausage, which mutates to a ventilation tube, a designer furniture made of foam and bottom panels and a bikeway turning into a rushing river. The provided order is permanently infiltrated – by coincidence, incapacity or ingenious ideas.
But that the book is so much fun and at the same time so complex and cryptic, is not a coincidence at all. We owe it to the skills of the photographer and his special view of the world. And maybe a little bit also to the pearl effect cover with tin appeal.”

Christer Ek @ who needs another photo blog:
“…Torsten likes to play with reality. He walks through the city, like everyone else, but it seems not to see the same things. He’s the kind of guy who, when you point your finger to show him something, turns his head to look at the other side. Nothing is more boring for him than the obvious!
This way of looking at the world transports us into a fantasy world. I can not help but think of Lewis Carroll’s Alice, in which Torsten would be the mysterious rabbit that we want to follow and let it guide us in this mysterious world that is behind the scenes. It is a story passer, a revealer of the world. He allows us to understand what hitherto remained mysterious to us, what we do not see because of lack of understanding. We look at the world with distance, as spectators behind the mirror, and thus we discover the « behind the scenes » of these public spaces we travel regularly without paying attention.
… Each photograph is so « rich » that it takes time to read and reread this book. With each reading, we discover a detail that we had not noticed before. We have to take the time to fully understand this representation of the world.
Really, this little facetious rabbit still holds some surprises!”

Signed copies of Torsten Schumann’s book »More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages« – published by Peperoni Books in 2016 – are currently available at 25books or online in their shop!

Event Details

»More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages« © Torsten Schumann. Published by Peperoni Books, 2016
25books, Brunnenstraße 152, 10115 Berlin, Germany